Thursday, 16 February 2012

Looking Back... January 2012

January in a Tweet: Award Season arrives with The Artist sweeping the nominations. Clooney bags a globe, Spielberg plays with horses and Sundance hits Utah.

Everyone was talking about: ...the dog from The Artist! Best Supporting Canine.

Best Film: The Artist - a beautiful homage to silent cinema.

Biggest Disappointment: The Iron Lady - a great performance with a lazy script and shoddy direction.

Best Actor: Michael Fassbender, Shame - a brutal performance whereby Fassbender literally bares all. After an all-night binge, he collapses on his knees in tears by the docks where not even the rain will wash away his shame. Give the man an award.

Best Actress: Berenice Bejo - she'll make you laugh, cry and fall in love all at once. She has been criminally overlooked by the award ceremonies.

Best Line: "Elizabeth is dying. Wait... Fuck you! And she's dying." Matt King (George Clooney) finally meets his comatose wife's secret lover in The Descendants.

Best Scene: George Valentin placing a glass upon a table in The Artist, hearing the thud and then doing a double-take. Cue hilarious dream sequence.

Other Best Scene: George Clooney running in flip-flops!

Tearjerker Moment: little Scottie King (Amara Miller) being told her mother won't be waking up from her coma in The Descendants.

Best Newcomer: Shailene Woodley as rebellious older daughter Alex King in The Descendants. Clooney may have bagged the globe but Woodley was the leading lady who fuelled his performance. Definitely a talent to watch out for.

RIP: Theodoros Angelopoulos - the Palme d'Or-winning Greek director, screenwriter and producer. He was tragically killed after being hit by a motorbike driven by an off-duty police officer. He was 76.

Films Seen: The Artist, The Iron Lady, Shame, War Horse, The Descendants.

Average The Big Fairbanski Star Rating: 3.6

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