Friday, 15 June 2012

Looking Back... May 2012

May in a Tweet: Cinemas are full of franchise revivals (American Pie Reunion, MiB 3) and other non-essential films. I stayed away and got married instead.

Best Excuse for Not Going to the Cinema: getting married.

Best Thing About Getting Married: our WALL.E and EVE wedding toppers!

Everyone was Talking About: Avengers becoming the fastest film to reach $1 billion worldwide box office.

My One Film Trip: technically I did go to the cinema but it was to see Avengers again. Still awesome.

Biggest Regret: missing out on Moonrise Kingdom. Wes Anderson films are always a treat.

Films That Can Wait Until DVD: The Dictator, 2 Days in New York, Snow White & The Huntsman.

Films That Can Wait Until TV: Men in Black III, American Pie Reunion, Get The Gringo, Dark Shadows.

Films That Can Wait Until Hell Freezes Over: What to Expect When You're Expecting, Safe.